Stacy Handley

Eye of the Galaxy, 2020

Digital embellished photography

This piece started as a photograph of my daughters eye. It was then hand embellished and enhanced using the magic of digital artistry. Looking closely into the eye reveals the galaxy of beauty within. 

Stacy Handley

Blue Jay on Barbed Wire, 2020

Digital drawing

This piece was digitally drawn by hand using technological devices, in much the same way as using traditional pen and paper. From a distance, this beautiful piece almost looks like a photograph. It's only upon closer inspection that the true nature of the work is revealed. 

Stacy Handley

When Cardinals are Near, 2020

Digital drawing (with photograph insert)

This piece was a gift for my husband who has recently lost his mother. After her passing, he began seeing cardinals in our yard. Before this, he had never heard of the tale about a cardinal signifying a visit from a lost loved on. He since asked me to produce a piece that he could hang in his office while working, and this is what I came up with. 

This is a modifiable work of art in which other images, names and dates can be placed.